9 Warnings Signs Of Screen Media Addiction

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In today’s hyper-digital world, we’re starting to hear more and more about the negative effects of too much screen time on kids. 

But it’s not just about how much time kids spend in front of screens, it’s also about how they use them. It’s about their relationship with screens.

So what boat are you in? 

Are you trying to be proactive about your family’s screen use? 

Are you already dealing with some slight device dependency? 

Or are you worried about full blown screen addiction? 

Regardless of where you think your family falls on the spectrum, these are nine helpful warning signs to think about (courtesy of the American Psychological Association). 

Warning Signs

#1 - Unsuccessful Control

It is hard for my child to stop using screen media

#2 - Loss of Interest

Screen media is the only thing that seems to motivate my child

#3 - Preoccupation

Screen media is all my child seems to think about

#4 - Psychological Consequences

My child’s screen media use interferes with family activities

#5 - Serious Problems Due to Use

My child’s screen media use causes problems for the family

#6 - Withdrawal 

My child becomes frustrated when he/she cannot use screen media

#7 - Tolerance 

The amount of time my child wants to use screen media keeps increasing

#8 - Deception 

My child sneaks using screen media

#9 - Escape/Mood 

When my child has had a bad day, screen media seems to be the only thing that helps him/her feel better

So, what if most or all of these describe your child’s relationships with screens?

Then it may be time for a digital detox to reset and re-balance. 

And remember, you’re not alone in this, and there is hope!

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