🍍 Big News from Code Pineapple – We’re Heading to Bologna! 🍍

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Hey Pineapple Family,

Exciting news! In less than a week, on April 8th, Code Pineapple will be spreading its wings and flying out to the vibrant heart of Italy for the 2024 Bologna Children's Book Fair. We're buzzing with anticipation to share our world of adventure, mystery, and magic with the global community.

This year at Bologna, we're thrilled to connect with fellow publishers, talented creators, and showcase our treasure trove of tales, featuring the daring escapades of Ellie in "Scaredy Bat," the mythical adventures of Kai and Delphi in "Pineapple Cove," the brain-tickling puzzles of "Minute Mysteries," the enchanting challenges faced by the students of "Misfit Magic School” and more. Each series is a doorway to new worlds, inviting kids to embark on journeys filled with mystery, courage, and the joy of overcoming obstacles.

At Code Pineapple, we envision a world where every child is inspired to explore, dream, and discover. Through our books, we aim to cultivate a generation of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and, above all, avid readers who see themselves as protagonists of their own adventures. We are committed to innovation in storytelling, diversity in characters and themes, and excellence in education, setting high standards for what children's books can achieve.

We're eager to explore new opportunities, share insights, and find fresh ways to bring our stories to every corner of the globe.

Stay tuned to our adventures by joining our newsletter or following us on social media and checking out our website at codepineapple.com. Expect updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and maybe even some surprises along the way.

Let's make waves, dive into new adventures, and continue our quest to foster a world where curiosity leads the way to growth and joy. Here's to making Bologna 2024 an unforgettable journey!

With excitement and pineapple spirit,

The Code Pineapple Team 🍍✨

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