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Devin Cowick, CP Co-founder

Code Pineapple Co-founder

Devin Cowick

Getting kids to focus on reading can be frustrating. The reluctant reader will do everything to avoid it, but even kids who enjoy reading struggle to enjoy a bad book. The key is to find good books that your child will actually enjoy reading so that they grow to become life-long learners. 

That’s why we created Code Pineapple. We’ve set out to create great books that kids will be excited to read over and over again. It’s what we like to call the chocolate covered broccoli approach— fill them up with all the good stuff that reading offers as they devour the fun adventure a great book provides.

Thank you for checking out Code Pineapple and we look forward to you joining us and the other 10,000 families who’ve enjoyed our stories. And when your kiddo is ready, they can even become the author of their own stories when they join the Book Creator’s Club. 

With love and pineapples,

Devin Cowick

The Code Pineapple Method

Fostering Curiosity to Encourage Creativity

At Code Pineapple, we believe that curiosity is the key to raising life-long learners. When children are encouraged to use their imagination, ask questions, and find answers, their creativity thrives and their self-confidence grows. The result? Kids who LOVE to learn!

Providing sneakily educational entertainment

From transportive book series to transformative book-writing courses, Code Pineapple provides kids with content they’ll love to uncover. Choose from books that will ignite their love of reading or sign them up for the Book Creators Club and give them the tools to become a published author!