“Grandpa Saved the Day…Again!” Children’s Book Live on Kickstarter

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It seems like just yesterday that my partner Don and I were waiting in line outside Ikea and received a text message from fellow author Mike Glatzer with a crazy fun idea for a kids book.

In reality, it was August 2020, and soon Don was reading the story out loud to me (and everyone around us). It was such an amazing mix of hilarious and heart-warming.

In the story, a young boy named Sam fears he has a snooze-worthy day ahead with his weird old Grandpa Moose. This "boring day" soon turns into a crime-solving adventure, and by the end, Sam recognizes his Grandpa as a real-life hero.

We knew we had to help Mike bring this book to life.

Fast forward to almost a year later, and Grandpa Saved the Day...Again! is now live on Kickstarter!

Grandpa Saved the Day Again cover

The first in a new picture book series, the book celebrates grandparents and encourages family bonding with a hilariously fun story and beautiful, watercolor-style illustrations.

We decided to launch on Kickstarter because it will allow fans to be more involved in the process and help fund the first bulk print run. Also, it's a more exciting pre-order event!

So, who's ready to do this thing?

If you or someone you know are interested in helping to bring this book to life, support or share through Kickstarter!

Visit the Grandpa Saved the Day...Again! Kickstarter page here.

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