Raise Healthy Kids with responsible Screen Time

If you are worried about toxic screen time and want to eliminate it from your families life, then keep reading...

Toxic screen time affects our ability to focus, problem solve, and connect with each other. And when you try to limit your kids’ screen time, it leads to fighting and tantrums.

This is not your fault.

Big Tech has designed screens to be addictive. They flood kids’ brains with dopamine, a feel-good chemical.  So when you try to take it away from your child, it’s like trying to take drugs away from a junkie.  But there is something you can do about it...

Learn how to avoid toxic screen time and enjoy healthy screen time for your family. This page is dedicated to help navigate through these unchartered waters of raising children in the digital age. There are three sections on this page to help you raise a family with healthy screen time:

3 Steps to Healthy Family Screen Time


Screen time and Kids

Not all screen time is created equal. Some of it can be incredibly healthy for your child. But other screen time uses can be almost as bad as drugs. The trick is knowing the difference between healthy and toxic screen time habits. The posts in this section will help you understand the difference.

Learn How To

Live Screen Healthy Lives

If screen limits feel like a punishment or as something that’s being taken away, you’re less likely to get buy-in. Learn the tips, tricks, and frameworks to help you cut out the toxic screen use in your families life and see the positive effects of healthy screen time.


Resources To Make It Easier

Let's face it. Parenting is hard. It takes more time than you have and at times pushes your mind, body, and soul to their limits. In this section of the page, you will find tools, templates, and resources to help you shortcut the time and mental work required to raise a screen healthy family. 

Screen Time and Kids

There are so many affects of Screen time on kids. This series of articles is here to help you understand those affects and change them through positive screen habits. 

Expert Series Corner

Earlier this year we held a ‘Healthy Screen Time’ Summit where we interviewed 13 leading child development experts about how to raise happy, healthy kids in the digital age. You will find the highlights and key takeaways of those interviews in this article series.

How to Raise Screen Healthy Kids

Knowing what healthy screen use looks like is one thing. Knowing how to actually achieve it for your family is another.  This series of articles is here to help how to implement positive change in your families screen habits. 

Screen Time Resources

Finding the time to do what you need to can be stressful. Check out the templates, tools, apps, and more to help you and your family live a healthy screen time life. Some we provide and others we review for you to help save you the time and energy of using the tools that are wrong for you.

Resources coming soon...

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