Books published by Code Pineapple 

Supernatural Mystery Series

Ages 8-12 (Middle Grade Chapter Books)

Ellie "Scaredy Bat" Spark is a 12 yr old vampire that LOVES solving mysteries, but is afraid of everything. She's afraid of spiders, clowns, and loud noises -- just to name a few. But with a little courage and help from her friends, Ellie just might achieve her dream of becoming a real detective.

Island Adventure Series

Ages 7-11 (Early Middle Grade Chapter Books)

10-year-old Kai is thrilled to be chosen as a junior protector of Pineapple Cove. Island girl Delphi longs to be accepted by the rest of the Cove.

Together, Kai and Delphi must face their fears, find the mythical Storm Blaster, and defeat the sea monster, or Pineapple Cove will be in deep trouble.

Short Mystery Brain Teasers

All Ages, best for 8-12

You are invited to solve supernatural crimes with Hailey Haddie, the famous amateur detective. Use your deductive skills to tackle hidden clues, tricky puzzles, wacky suspects, and relentless riddles.

Each mystery is less than 400 words long, so you can read it in about a minute and solve it in a few more.

A rare potion was stolen from a castle. Who did it? Only YOU can figure it out.

Take a peek inside Hailey Haddie’s case log of 15 mysteries and join the fun of investigating the crimes!

Magical Fantasy Series

Ages 9-13 (Middle Grade Chapter Books)

Thirteen-year-old Ember Pearson failed her mandatory magic exam, and now there is only one place she can go— the school for magical misfits.

Ember is desperate to transfer to a school for real witches, like her celebrity parents and perfect sister. When the only teacher that believes in her vanishes, Ember and her fellow misfits must find a way to bring her home. But with a mix of chaotic powers that include spotty invisibility, baffling psychic visions, and unruly fire manipulation, it won't be easy.

Join Ember and her classmates as they investigate their teacher’s disappearance and discover their misfit magic!