Give Your Child Reading Strategies to Succeed

Do you want to raise a reader?

If so, you're in the right place.  Teaching your kid to love reading can be one of the best gifts that you can give if you want them to succeed in life.  It can also be one of the most difficult, intimidating and frustrating tasks you take on. But we're here to see you succeed in journey to raise a reader.

Here's a simple three step plan to see you succeed.

Discover your Child's

reading ability

This includes (a) understanding the reading skills, (b) understanding the reading levels, and (c) assessing your kiddos current level.

Choose a plan to foster your Child's reading skills

Now that you know where they're at it's time to talk strategies available and choose a plan. 

Use the tools & resources to help them succeed 

Ok, you have a plan. Let's make it easier on you. Here are a few tools to help including a few book recommendations.

The Fundamentals of Reading

Here we'll cover the Fundamentals of Reading including Why Reading is so important for your kid, the skills your child needs to succeed at reading, and reading levels. 

Reading Strategies & How Tos

Now that we've covered the reading fundamentals it's time to get started with these reading "How Tos". In this section, you'll learn the tips, strategies and activities to get your child to love reading. 

Reading Resources

With the right tools it can be much easier to foster a love for reading in your kiddo. But it can be hard to find reading tools that actually help and that you feel like you can trust.

As we review reading tools available to you or create a few of our own we'll add show them here.