Unboxing: Poseidon Storm Blaster Water Gun

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We are incredibly excited to share the unboxing of our very own Poseidon Storm Blaster!

Check out the video below for the full unboxing experience with Code Pineapple's co-founder Devin Cowick.

Or you can skip on down to the how-to screen shots for tips on using the water gun.

Poseidon Storm Blaster How-To

1. Remove from outer box

Make sure to check out the origin story on the back of the box!

2. Cut plastic ties securing water gun to packaging

Check the insert card attached to the plastic ties for a bonus gift!

3. Open the secure no-leak cap

With the water gun pointing away from you, twist the cap counter-clockwise (to the right) and then lift off.

4. Pour in some water 

The water gun works best when it's completely full (22 ounces) of water.

5. Close the cap

With the cap at the same angle as you removed it, push down and then twist clockwise (to the left) until the leash is straight back.

6. Pump the dark blue handle and soak at will!

Share your own unboxing experience in the comments and let us know what you think about the Poseidon Storm Blaster!


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