Press Release: Code Pineapple Launches Poseidon Storm Blaster

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LOS ANGELES – Sept. 12, 2018 – PRLog — Today, Code Pineapple, an e-commerce business specializing in products that promote unplugged fun, announced the launch of its new water gun called “Poseidon Storm Blaster.” Inspired by Greek mythology, the pump-action water blaster comes with an imaginative origin story that can be found on the back of the box. The company is offering the water gun at a steep discount on Amazon throughout its week-long launch.

Code Pineapple seeks to meet the needs of the overworked and overstimulated masses. The company is all about setting free your inner child and making sure kids take full advantage of being a kid. Code Pineapple offers their customers the means to unplug from technology and daily stresses to have some care-free fun.

When asked about the decision to sell a water gun, Code Pineapple co-founder Devin Cowick commented, “I used to love playing with water guns when I was younger. There was nothing more satisfying than battling it out with friends or family during a water war on a hot summer day. And it turns out things haven't changed much. When evaluating our sample products, we immediately started running around squirting each other.”

While researching the market for the Poseidon Storm Blaster, the Code Pineapple team made a surprising discovery. “Water guns aren't just for water fights. People use them in a lot of other ways too. For painting, watering the plants, or training pets to name a few. We decided the Poseidon Storm Blaster would be a perfect fit for the Code Pineapple collection.”

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