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Join Book Creators Club

Unleash Your Child's Inner Author

Book Creators Club is the perfect addition to homeschool writing curriculum

Homeschool can be an incredible learning opportunity for children. You can design the curriculum to be as exciting & influential as you’d like! In the end, you want to encourage your child to read & write. What better way to do this than helping your child turn their imagination into a book! As a member, we’ll guide them through a simple 7-step process that will foster their creativity, build their confidence, and give them the tools to become a published author. Make homeschool fun!

Here's What We'll Cover

In 7 steps, we’ll take kids from no idea to completed story that they can publish as their very own chapter book!

Excerpt from Sophie’s Extraordinary Adventures: Down the Drain and Into the Sea by Sophia G.


Unlock Your Creative Writing Superpower

Quickly and easily write your first story by transforming a normal day into an awesome hero’s journey.


Gather The Ingredients Of Your Epic Story

Discover the ingredients that make up every great story and use them to create your own epic adventure


Create Your Epic Story Roadmap

Learn how to create a simple chapter outline that makes writing your story fun and easy.


Bring Your Story To Life

Write the first draft of your story with confidence and without the pressure of making it perfect.


Level Up Your Story

Transform your story from good to great by following our unique leveling up framework.


Create Your Epic Book

Turn your story into a real book complete with cover, images dedication, and author page.


Become a Published Author!

Publish and share with the world (or just family & friends) using these simple publishing tools!

The first lesson will be available immediately after registering, and the rest can be unlocked at each student's own pace... Anytime, anywhere!

About the Experience

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Devin Cowick, co-founder of Code Pineapple

"Thank you for such an awesome resource!

My son found it very helpful. Thank you for such an awesome resource, writing and creativity are so hard for him to organize and start. I see a difference with the first time using it!!"

- Karen D.

"She has more confidence now in her ability to write fiction stories! 

She was very engaged in the Book Creators Club class and always did her online assignments without a parent telling her to-- she just loved the class that much!"

- Rebecca D.

Ready to start creating?

Here's What You'll Get

  • A 7-module book writing course with video lessons and gamified interactivity
  • Creative writing exercises and activities
  • A book creation kit with a workbook and story writing templates
  • A feature on the Code Pineapple Young Authors page
  • A love of creative writing and a boost to their self-confidence!

Bonuses for Joining Now:

  • Journal to capture ideas and practice writing (Value: $20+)
  • Extra Video Courses: Character Creation Challenge, Chapter Hooks Challenge, and How to Publish on Amazon (Value: $200+)
  • Challenge Cards to inspire their creativity (Value: $20+)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our friendly support team is always available to help your child get the most out of their book-writing course. However, if it simply isn’t working out, we’re happy to refund you within 30 days of your purchase.

Excerpt from The Cowboy and the Outlaw by Zane T.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Book Creators Club the perfect addition to any homeschool writing curriculum?

Since homeschool curriculums are extremely flexible, it allows you as the parent to focus on the parts of education that matter most. If you want your child to learn how to read & write more effectively, hands-on experience is the best way. Code Pineapple’s Book Creators Club is a 7-module structured course that your child can take at their own pace. In 7 steps, we’ll take kids from no idea to completed story that they can publish as their very own chapter book! It may very well end up being your child’s favorite part of their homeschool writing experience. Can you imagine the pride in your child’s eyes as they gain confidence in their writing & write their own fiction book? Add our program to your homeschool writing curriculum and give your children a hands-on and rewarding education. Let’s get writing!

What is the Book Creators Club?

The Book Creators Club is a creative writing course for kids. But it's not just a course, it's an experience! By the end, students will have written their own fiction book (that they can publish if they choose) and gained confidence in their writing abilities.

Why does this matter?

Creative writing is hugely beneficial to kids and they don't get enough of it in traditional education settings. In the age of emojis and abbreviated language, it can help kids communicate more effectively. Creative writing also stimulates brain connections that actually help with other subjects like math and science. And in these turbulent times, creative writing can help kids process their stress and emotions.

Who is it for?

This Club is for kids who already know how to read and write, and it's best for ages 9-12. It's for kids that love creative writing OR used to enjoy creative writing but have since become discouraged. Even if your child is a reluctant writer, but loves storytelling, this is for them.

What's included?

This experience course has 7 modules worth of video lessons. It's housed on a member site with gamified interactivity. Kids will get a book creation kit with a workbook, templates, writing exercises and activities, and more!

*The bonuses for joining now include: a journal for capturing ideas, a card deck for brainstorming, the Character Creation Challenge, the Chapter Hooks Challenge, and How to publish on Amazon guidance!

Can you give me an example of a lesson?

Yes! You can check out the Treasure Map Template Walkthrough Video for an example. The Book Creators Club lessons will be a similar style, but even better (more interactivity, incentives, and check-ins)!

How long is the course and when does it start?

It starts as soon as you register! The first lesson is unlocked immediately and then all the others can be unlocked at each student's own pace. This will help avoid overwhelm and keep kids motivated to make it all the way to the end!

Is there a certain time kids need to log in for lessons?

Nope! Members can access the content anytime, anywhere.

Who is teaching the course?

Don and Devin, the dynamic D-named duo. We are the minds behind Code Pineapple publishing, which includes bestselling series Scaredy Bat and The Legend of Pineapple Cove. We've studied storytelling and writing, of course, but also how to experiencify and gamify a lesson to keep kids engaged. We've also consulted teachers, parents, and kids to make this the best it can be.

Is there someone available to answer my kid's questions during the course?

Yes! Devin will personally be there for club members to answer any questions kids have as they go through the lessons.

Will the materials be mailed out?

Yes we will provide both physical and digital materials.

Can multiple children participate?

Yes! If you'd like to purchase extra materials for additional children, just let us know!

Does it involve any other materials I need to have on hand?

Just the basics - access to the internet, something to write on, and something to write with. Plus a positive attitude and open mind!

What if my family doesn't have time to do this right now?

No worries, students can go through the lessons at their own pace, whenever it's convenient.

What if my kid doesn't like it?

We’re offering a 30 day money back guarantee, so if your kid doesn't love the experience, you’ll get a full refund. But we really think they're gonna love it!

How much does it cost?

First let me ask - how much is it worth to you to enable your child to write their own fiction book, gain confidence in their writing, and see the pride in their eyes? Normally the Book Creators Club would be $300+, but right now we're offering a discounted price of $197.

Why should I join now?

Because there's no better time than the present! And we don't know how long this exact deal with bonuses and such will be available. If you want to give your child a head start, now is the time to join!