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Marina J. Bowman

Kids book Author

Marina J. Bowman is a writer and explorer who travels the world searching for wildly fantastical stories to share with her young readers. 

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Ever since she was a child, she has been fascinated with uncovering long lost secrets and chasing the mythical, magical, and supernatural. For her current story, Marina is investigating Pineapple Cove, a mysterious island located somewhere in the Atlantic.

Marina enjoys sailing, flying, and nearly all other forms of transportation. She never strays far from the ocean for long, as it brings her both inspiration and peace. She stays away from the spotlight to maintain privacy and ensure the more unpleasant secrets she uncovers don’t catch up with her.

Marina’s last name is pronounced baʊmən, and rhymes with “now then."

Her favorite color, deep ocean blue. Favorite smell the jungle flowers of Brazil. Favorite magical artifact...

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