11 Weird Ways People Use Water Guns

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With Summer coming to a close, it's time to start putting away the swim suit and flip flops and bust out the flannel and boots. Pool floaties and beach toys will go back in storage, and before you know it, it'll be time to unpack the winter gear. Does this mean your new water guns must be exiled to the garage until next Summer too?

Heck no! Summer water wars may soon be out of season but your water guns can be used all year long. You just have to be a little creative.

We asked owners about all the different ways to use a water gun and this is what they came up with. Here are 11 weird and clever ways people have found to use water guns, even when it's not hot out.

1. Pet training

Dog training with water guns

This is one of the most popular alternate uses of the water gun. Whether your pet is digging up the garden, barking all day and night, or relieving itself where it shouldn't, just give em a squirt and stop the bad behavior in its tracks. We've also heard it stops chickens from pecking ankles and mules from kicking other horses over food.

2. Water gun painting

Painting with water guns

Parents have found yet another way to help their kids beat boredom: water gun painting. Want to discover your inner Jackson Pollock? Here's how.

3. Scaring away pests

Scare away pests with water guns

Pesky squirrels, always stealing food from the bird feeder. But there is hope! People are taking back their yards with water guns. Other battle stories include scaring away raccoons on the roof, dispersing overpopulations of rabbits, getting rid of carpenter bees and viola hornets, and putting the neighborhood bully cat in its place.

4. Dyeing hair rainbow colors

Dye hair with water guns

What will they think of next? A hairstylist couple in Missouri uses water guns to create rainbow hair for clients. Learn how they do it here.

5. Watering the plants

Water the plants with water guns

This seems like a classic win-win scenario. You win because you get to squirt things with water and the plants win because they get a nice refreshing drink. I may have to get some plants just so I can squirt them with a water gun…

6. Making it rain for photoshoots

Making rain for photoshoots with water guns

This clever photography team basically created a DIY rain machine using water guns. You too can make it rain in your photoshoots. All you need is a water gun and fancy lens.

7. Washing the car

Wash the car with water guns

I'm all about making chores more fun. Using a water gun to clean the car seems like a brilliant idea. Especially if you have bird poop problems. You can use a water gun to blast those pigeon presents right off.

8. Killing the moss on the roof

Kill moss on the roof with water guns

A little gross and a lot crafty. Some people get rid of moss build up on the roof by filling their water gun with a 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar. In other home maintenance news, people have also used their water guns to aid in the removal of popcorn ceiling (hint: you have to wet the popcorn first).

9. Cleaning out rain gutters

Clean gutter with water guns

Everyday heroes are spraying away their worries (and the gunk in their rain gutters) with water guns.

10. Cleaning off the satellite dish

Cleaning the satellite dish with water guns

Satellite dish not working because of the snow? No problem. People say they can blast away the snow with their trusty water guns.

11. Breaking up a fight

Break up a fight with water guns

We don't actually know people who use water guns to break up fights (except in the case of neighborhood cat fights), but it seems like a great idea. Next time there's a heated debate, bust out the water gun and you'll be able to cool things off in no time.


Did we miss anything? Share your weird/clever ways of using your water gun! If you're in the market for a new one, check out the Poseidon Storm Blaster.

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