12 Cool Summer Activities For Kids To Do At Home

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Summer is here! And with it comes Summer heat. High temperatures this season can really take a toll, turning us all into sweaty sloths. Fortunately there are plenty of Summer activities for kids to do to cool off.

Of course you can always opt for air conditioned activities like watching a movie in theaters, visiting a museum, shopping at an indoor mall, gliding around an ice skating rink, or knocking stuff over at a bowling alley. You can also hit up the beach, public pool, or water park to get some relief from the heat.

But if you'd rather find a way to stay cool without leaving home, here are 12 fun suggestions for you to try out with the kids.

1. Beat the Heat Ice Cream Recipes

Summer activities for kids: Homemade ice cream

Who doesn't love ice cream? Get creative in the kitchen with these delicious looking frozen treats. Check out the ice cream recipes here. For an even easier creamy concoction, try your hand at making ice cream in a bag.

2. Pool Party Bath

Summer activities for kids: Pool party bath

Who says you need a pool to have a pool party? Throw on a swimsuit, toss some pool toys in the bath tub, and you're good to go! Check out more ideas on how to pull off a pool party bath.

3. Water Balloon Games for Kids

Summer activities for kids: Water balloons

Everyone loves water balloons. They're squishy, easy to use, and so much fun to throw. And of course, they help keep cool you off when it's hot out. There are actually a ton of different ways to use them, so go out and get some, then check out these 50 water balloon games for kids.

4. DIY Sprinkler from a Pool Noodle

Summer activities for kids: DIY sprinkler

There's nothing like the refreshing feeling of running through the sprinklers on a hot day. If you don't have sprinklers, no problem! You can make your own using a spare pool noodle. Learn how to do it here.

5. DIY Backyard Splash Pad

Summer activities for kids: Slip n slide

Slip and slides are a classic for a reason. Such speed, such freedom, such fun! Take the slip and slide to the next level by setting up your own splash pad around it. Check out ideas for how to make one here.

6. DIY Sprinkler Relay

Summer activities for kids: DIY sprinkler relay

If running through the sprinklers is getting old, spice things up with a sprinkler relay! This is a great way to let the kids run around without overheating in the Summer. Learn how to make a sprinkler relay.

7. DIY Kiddie Car Wash

Summer activities for kids: DIY kiddie car wash

If you're feeling creative, making a Kiddie Car Wash could be the perfect way to cool things down on a hot Summer day. Once completed, the kids can go through with their bikes, toy cars, or on their own two legs. Learn how to create a kiddie car wash here.

8. Dunk Bucket

Summer activities for kids: DIY dunk bucket

Have you ever dunked someone at a dunk tank for charity? Or just for fun at a carnival? Maybe you've just watched someone else do it? Either way, you probably know it's super satisfying and fun. And you are guaranteed to get SOAKED. Learn how to build your own backyard Dunk Bucket.

9. Water Blob

Summer activities for kids: Water blob

You may not know what it is, but you know you need one. A water blob is an excellent addition to your collection of Summer activities for kids. You can lay on it, jump on it, slide across it, and try out acrobatics on it. Find out what it is and how to make it here.

10. Sponge Water Bombs

Summer activities for kids: Sponge water bombs

You can't have Summer without a water fight, and using sponge water bombs is a great way to make sure everyone gets soaked. It's really easy too! All you need are sponges, scissors, and fishing line. Here's how to make them.

11. DIY Water Blasters

Summer activities for kids: DIY water blasters

For more water fight fun, you can create your own water blaster play set. So many different ways to use a pool noodle! This project is a little more advanced but worth the extra effort for the endless hours of beat-the-heat Summer fun. Check out how to make one here.

12. Epic Water Gun Fight with Poseidon Storm Blaster

Summer activities for kids: Poseidon Storm Blaster

And last but not least…the water gun fight featuring the Poseidon Storm Blaster. Water gun battles are one of our favorite Summer activities for kids (and adults!). The Poseidon Storm Blaster will help take your water war to the next level. Imagine: Monsters have risen up from the darkest depths of the sea and threaten to destroy all other water loving creatures. But there is hope! Poseidon has forged a weapon infused with his ability to spark storms, influence aquatic creatures, and harness the power of the sea: the Storm Blaster. Will you join the battle?

If you need some inspiration for games to play with your Poseidon Storm Blaster, check out our blog on 18 Water Gun Games That Will Make You The Hero Of Summer.


Know some other fun Summer activities for kids to do at home? Share your ideas in the comments!

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